Are you in Italy and require a Power of Attorney for use in your country?
Do you want to buy or sell real estate in Italy?
Are you aware that to buy or sell assets in Italy a lawyer isn’t required?
Do you need a mortgage?
Are you a foreigner, but live in Italy, and want to choose which country’s law governs your inheritance or marital agreements?
Do you need a living will or legal document?
Do you need assistance to determine the inheritance plan of a person who left assets in Italy?
Do you want to create a company or must modify the by-laws of an already established company?

Our team of Civil Law Notaries, all of whom have law degrees from the most prestigious Italian Universities; have a minimum of ten to twenty years of experience; are supported by 25 specialized assistants, provide foreign citizens and companies with all the necessary notary services throughout the Italian Republic.

In particular, the following services are provided:
  • Proxies with or without Apostille.
  • Notarization of copies and documents.
  • Certified real estate appraisals.
  • Purchase and sale of real estate.
  • Loans and mortgage assistance.
  • Legally surveyed maps and floor plans.
  • Research and verification of property ownership from land registries.
  • Identification of any mortgage liens.
  • Identification of historic buildings protected by law.
  • Family law and estate planning.
  • Marriage agreements and choice of applicable law.
  • Determination of succession planning due to unexpected death.
  • Establishment of associations and committees.
  • Creation of company by-laws and statues and any amendments to them.
  • Legal advice on all the above mentioned matters in Italy and governed by international law.

Our offices are located in the Veneto Region of Italy in the following locations:
Venice, Mestre, Jesolo, Marcon, Camponogara

To contact us:
Tel.: +39

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