Our Services

Using our strength as a closely-knit team, we guide our clients toward practical solutions with speed and ingenuity. While fully respecting and complying with the legal structures, we use our imaginations and combine our knowledge with that of other professionals, technicians, and experts.

Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to the simple drafting of deeds and other documents, but rather we set out on a path that encompasses creativity and “out of the box thinking” to develop the best solution for the realization of the client’s desired purpose.

Our notarial services include the following:

  • Legal advice in all matters notarial
  • Special and general powers of attorney, copies issued digitally and transmitted electronically to the recipient
  • Preliminary contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, including properties under construction or only at the planning stage
  • Acquisition of houses, entire buildings, palaces, apartments and their appurtenances, and land
  • Purchases and sales of properties subject to cultural and/or landscape constraints;
  • Bank loan agreements with or without mortgages or personal guarantees;
  • Agreements for the construction of buildings of Public Residential Housing (E.R.P.) as well as deeds of conversion for surface property into full ownership;
  • Legal agreements between spouses and cohabitants determining inheritance and other agreements such as prenuptials;
  • Choice of applicable law to the matrimonial property agreement;
  • Destination constraints;
  • Living Trusts;
  • Advise on inheritance, all types of Wills – common, holographic, international, declarations of succession using telematics as the delivery mechanism, and estate planning;
  • European succession certificates for estate planning;
  • DAT, disposizioni anticipate di trattamento, comunemente definite “testamento biologico”o “biotestamento”;
  • Secure trust deposits for one’s credentials relating to digital access of social networks, databases, etc.
  • Administrator support for insuring Incapacity Trustee clauses are followed appropriately;
  • Incorporation services, capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, demergers;
  • Extensive services for foreigners;
  • Standardized copies of web pages;

Online Services

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