Search in real estate registers


The mortgage visure limited to a single conservatory It consists of accessing the IT registers of a specific office of the territory - Conservatory of real estate registers and returns a denominated document Formality list containing the synthetic list of real estate acts Related to a real estate (ground or manufactured) or a person (physical or legal).

La visura ipotecaria a livello Nazionale It allows to carry out a computerized research on the entire Italian territory (on all the conservations - offices of real estate registers, except those of Trieste, Trento and Bolzano where the library land registry is in force) and obtain the list of conservations - offices of real estate registers In which a particular subject, natural or legal person, recorded formalities.

For formalities we mean notes of transcription, registration or annotation for or against; This allows you to know where a subject has carried out Real estate movements.

The search can take place for person or by real estate, but since the cadastral description of the properties - over time - may undergo variations, the correct criterion is to do it for subject.

The service does not include the development of the lists in the list, which can however be requested after receiving the document.

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