Civil Law Notary, Attorney

Massimo Luigi Sandi

I put two generations of experience into my work.

Dr. Sandi graduated from the University of Modena in 1984 with a degree in law. His thesis was entitled "The Civil Liability of the Professional with an Emphasis on Notaries".
Winner of the notary competition in 1995, he was appointed Civil Law Notary in Venice where he remained until 2012.
His passion for the sea led him to apply to become a notary in Jesolo where he settled in 2012.
Believing that the exchange of ideas and collaboration with colleagues provides better services for clients, he and Pierpaolo Doria became partners in 2012. Becoming increasingly convinced that in unity there is strength, he joined Pierpaolo Doria, Michele Manente, and Angelo Ausilio to create the Association of “Notai Veneziani Riunti – NVR”.
What distinguishes him is his "sunny disposition" and his approach to customers with whom he always tries to create a "human" as well as professional bond. Over the years of practicing in the notarial profession, he has gained an awareness of the importance of the notary in Italy as a guarantor of the country’s legality and the certainty of legal relationships between individuals and between individuals and the public administration.
More and more he is convinced that,"You don't do your duty for someone to say thank you ... you do it on principle, for yourself, for your dignity",Dr. Sandi says quoting Oriana Fallaci. But, he adds “…a thank you; a smile from the "customer" makes my world better”.
Massimo Luigi Sandi is an associate member of the Insignum association of legal culture. (Insignum website).

Notai Veneziani Riuniti