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Civil Law Notary, Attorney

Pierpaolo Doria

I provide the security of an Italian Notary with a specific expertise for international clients.

Born and raised in Venice, Dr. Doria graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Padua in 1993, where he also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade and Finance Law. (Postgraduate Specialization Course in Law of International Commerce and Finance).
In 1997, he passed the bar and became an attorney-at-law.
Since 1999, he has been permanently working as a Civil Law Notary in the City of Venice.
In 2012, he founded the association of notaries "Notai Veneziani Riuniti - NVR", of which he is currently the senior partner.
From 2005 to 2017, he was a member of the Board of the Notaries of the Venice District, as well as a member of the Executive Organizational Committee at the XLIV National Congress of Notaries, held in Venice.
For about ten years, Dr. Doria has been a participant in the Market Regulation Unit established at the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and on the Board of Directors of the Arbitration Chamber of Venice, and is currently part of the Board of Arbitrators of the same.
Pierpaolo Doria is an associate member of the Insignum – an association of legal culture. (Insignum website).

Italiano, Inglese.



Are you in Italy and require a Power of Attorney for use in your country?
Do you want to buy or sell real estate in Italy?
Are you aware that to buy or sell assets in Italy a lawyer isn’t required?
Do you need a mortgage?
Are you a foreigner, but live in Italy, and want to choose which country’s law governs your inheritance or marital agreements?
Do you need a living will or legal document?
Do you need assistance to determine the inheritance plan of a person who left assets in Italy?
Do you want to create a company or must modify the by-laws of an already established company?

Our team of Civil Law Notaries, all of whom have law degrees from the most prestigious Italian Universities; have a minimum of ten to twenty years of experience; are supported by 25 specialized assistants, provide foreign citizens and companies with all the necessary notary services throughout the Italian Republic.

In particular, the following services are provided:
  • Proxies with or without Apostille.
  • Notarization of copies and documents.
  • Certified real estate appraisals.
  • Purchase and sale of real estate.
  • Loans and mortgage assistance.
  • Legally surveyed maps and floor plans.
  • Research and verification of property ownership from land registries.
  • Identification of any mortgage liens.
  • Identification of historic buildings protected by law.
  • Family law and estate planning.
  • Marriage agreements and choice of applicable law.
  • Determination of succession planning due to unexpected death.
  • Establishment of associations and committees.
  • Creation of company by-laws and statues and any amendments to them.
  • Legal advice on all the above mentioned matters in Italy and governed by international law.

Notai Veneziani Riuniti