Civil Law Notary, Attorney

Angelo Ausilio

Competence, availability, and helping citizens are in my DNA as well as in my name.

Dr. Ausilio was born and raised in Venice-Mestre, where he attended school until he graduated in 1982 from the “Liceo Scientifico – Giordano Bruno". In 1982, he enrolled at the University of Bologna, where he graduated in January 1987, with honors, with a law degree. His thesis was entitled the “Institutions of Private Law - the Double Alienation of Real Estate (profiles of aquiliana protection)". After having served in the military as a Naval Officer at the Harbor Master's Office in Naples, he taught civics and the law for several years at public high schools in Mestre. In 1990, he became qualified to practice as an attorney in Venice and in 1991, he was registered with the Lawyers and Attorneys’ of Venice, practicing until 1995.
On 7 May 1993, he won the Notarial Competition run by the Ministry of Justice. On 21 December 1995 he became a Civil Law Notary in the city of Mira, and in March 1996, he was enrolled in the Register of Notaries of the Venice district where he remained until December 1997. He moved his office to Mestre in December 1997, and he still works there today. He was a member of the Board of the Notaries of the Venice District where he served, for a short period of time, as the secretary. Angelo Ausilio is an associate member of the Insignum – an association of legal culture.
Angelo Ausilio è membro associato all’associazione di cultura giuridica (Insignum website).

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