The Notaries

Staying up-to-date on all developments in our industry and
in the law is a cornerstone of our association. Through attendance at
professional meeting as participants or speakers, we are dedicated to
continuing our professional training.

Pierpaolo Doria Ph.D. and Esq.

I provide the security of an Italian Notary with a specific expertise for international clients.

Michele Manente Ph.D. and Esq.

I utilize the most innovative technology to always guarantee high service levels.

Angelo Ausilio Ph.D. and Esq.

Competence, availability, and helping citizens are in my DNA.

Massimo Luigi Sandi Ph.D.

I put two generations of experience into my work.

What They Say about Us

These are some reviews that we have received on Facebook and Google:

Marco Gasparini
“I highly recommend Notary Doria, with whom I have already worked on three sales transactions, for his competence and seriousness of purpose.”
Iris Venezia
“This firm is now a benchmark for us. We have worked with them for years and they exemplify fairness, reliability, and speed.”
Sabrina Jovon
“Extreme professionalism, expertise, helpfulness, and courtesy. As far as I’m concerned, the best notary firm in Venice.”
Osteria el Codega
“Excellent experience and very high level of professionalism. I have never had a legal–notary service at this level, despite having frequented many notary offices for work.”
Andrea Jiuang
"We went to this notary because he was recommended by an acquaintance and he was really a great find.
He explained all of the possibilities involving our case, guided us from the beginning to the end of the closing of the deeds, and advised us on the best solution.
He broke through the wall of formality that his role normally demands, made us feel welcome, and answered all of our inquiries simply and impeccably!
Definitely will be my notary!"
Valeria Vigliotti
"Kind, helpful, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and honest notary. Kudos to all the firm’s staff as well. Highly recommended."
Cristiano Simonato
"In my opinion the best. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and cutting edge. A young and forward thinking notary. Recommended."
Vincenzo Mello
“Professional and knowledgeable. Cordial and courteous. Did a deed with some difficulty, resolved brilliantly. Highly recommended."

Paolo favaretto
“A professional, compassionate, and excellent notary, like few others!! I recommend him without any doubt.”

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