“Fast Track”

What is "Fast Track"?

The organizational structure of the professional association "Notai Veneziani Riuniti Ausilio - Doria - Manente - Sandi", comprising four notaries and more than twenty collaborators, allows us to offer our clients a very special service: “Fast Track”, similar to the priority boarding processes at many airports. These services are provided however, without sacrificing the in-depth investigations and inquiries that individual cases may require.

When to use "Fast Track”?

The service is designed to ensure high-standard services to those who have to deal with imminent deadlines, regardless of the reason. In such cases, "Fast Track" offers a rapid process to obtain the required service immediately.

How much does "Fast Track" cost?

“Fast Track costs” about three times the average prices charged for ordinary services. This is because, in order to meet your urgent request, a notary, together with one or more collaborators, is devoted almost exclusively to you and your needs.

Our Commitment

When you request our "Fast Track" service, a rapid response procedure is activated in our offices to guarantee a maximum service execution time of 48 hours from receipt of the requested documentation to completion.

If subsequent documentation is provided at a later time, the 48-hour commitment begins with the receipt of the last of the documents, which you can still easily send us by email.

For some services (e.g., declarations in lieu of affidavits, special powers of attorney, notarial acts, extracts from accounting records, copies of documents produced under Presidential Decree 445/2000), we are also able to provide the service within 24 hours, always beginning with the receipt of the required documentation.

The "Fast Track" service deals exclusively with the execution of typical notarial services, so that if, during the execution of checks and controls, legal or other problems are encountered, but not related to the notarial process, the deadline may be extended until a resolution can be found regarding these other processes.

Fast-Track Request

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